How We Love In Digital Life!! Relationship In New World

Love needs optimization in the modern world of tech and digital life.

Feelings and emotions are very much underrated in 2022 not because we do not value them but because we live in the digital world of virtual meeting, Whats App calls and messaging. Emotions have been replaced by emojis and feelings are expressed by Whats App status and social media stories. In real sense the love locked up in the box which does not have its own existence.

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Love in digital world is like listening audio book or reading an eBook on screen in which we read/listen words and understand literal meaning of the book. But we do not get the emotional feel of it as it is not physically present we can touch the pages, we can feel the cover of it and its colors. Also we do not feel the emotions of the writer and will not be able to get the meaning of the book as a whole.

Everybody is not a writer or poet so many of us always failed to communicate our feelings by massages. If feelings can be send through Whats-App, email or anything then there will not be any issues in any relationship. Sometimes few things can not be sent through words, voices and videos but can be felt through the presence of your loved one.

What if it has been taught in the schools to express the emotions more intensely. If we have known that we need to maintain relationships through digital means then it should have taught in schools about expressing yourself in digital world of technology. Our generation has the most heartbreaking transition of all the relationships that lasts decades as many of us started love in the time when we supposed to be together always to the world of “long distance” relationships.

Many relationships faced hard time to survive the digital version of relationship not because they are short of love but because it is hard to accept the new version of love. The real meaning of love and the sense of belonging started losing.

Do you think love need optimization in the digital world? For me the answer is yes ! I think we can not have love life same in digital world as we used to have earlier. Like most of our devices and software are getting updated and optimizes for better performance we also needs to create a new version of love for digital life or in other terms we need to optimize the love. Following things can be consider to start optimizing love :

  1. Efforts : I think the efforts that we make to prove or convey our love become easy in the present digital world. Now we have instant connect to any person we want around the world. There is no waiting time or hustle to reach the person other side. This somehow reduces the value. Things that are easy to get are not so dear to our human mind and does not wind our emotions because we did not have scarified anything(time,energy) for it.
  2. Attention : Second thing is short of attention that i know is very debating thing but its true. Present life style we have lost to do in very short time so it creates your attention to be divided in various directions. Its always notification from smartphones or other tasks that hinder our expression of love. We take love as granted and give our unattended presence to our loved one. Giving too much time should not be consider attention.
  3. Perfection: Last but most important point is when we are involved to much in digital or social media world we see people are updating their too much happy pictures and moments and they project only the perfect part of their relationship or life. But we should never forget that we also only want to share only happy and perfect things on social media. There are other phase of relationship also that nobody shares. In the expectation of perfect relationship sometimes we lost the true love relationship.

Life Note #1

We do not miss someone’s memory of phone/video call but we miss the moments we are together.

Life Note #2

Love always evolves and changes as the thread of time connects the past and future. We just want our present to be flawless to connect them. We start loving in the past and wish for the same to continue in the future but what make them to flow from past to future is our present.

Life Note #3

Time feels to be the currency of love in which how much time spend we expect to get love in return. But sometimes too much of it reduces its value.


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