Procrastination in Love and Life!! Thing That Matters Is Love Everything Else Can Wait..!!

We ignore the things that matter in life i.e. is love to conquer or complete the things that can wait. We Procrastinate love for life and sometimes its become too late to realised the same.

In the world we live, everyone is busy with lots of things and have to catch up with endless floating points. When we missed on something and this keeps on pilling up it may be defined procrastination.

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In this article we are going to discuss about how we should not be stressed about procrastination.

Procrastination is often considered a bad habit and it has been taught that procrastination is the thing for failures. In terms of psychology it is a decease that needs to be treated.

Procrastination is referred as a psychological condition that is to be cured. But before feeling sick of something we should self analyses.

Procrastination is said to be the productivity killer.

In school days we keep on skipping our homework and thought that we would complete it on next day. One day our homework grows so colossus that either we need to present half completed one or just got punished.Then every time we promised ourselves that from next time onward we would dedicate 1 hours daily for homework but it had never happened. Even we didn’t ever think it as stressful. Life was that easy in childhood.

Even in school or university during exams its a common practice that we postpone our schedule of study until one day before the exam and it feels like mountains to move in a single day. Then we promised ourselves to study on day to day basis from next term itself. I think that promised no one ever kept to themselves. Still everyone graduated, got exciting jobs and have beautiful life.

Even with all this we have done our best in schools and colleges. All of us have earned great degrees and have very blissful life. Do you still think we have some problem with our habits. Answer is “NO”.

Even though we have done procrastination for years but we have never feel stressful about these simple things. Never thought about ourselves as serial procrastinators.

Question is why we are so much negative about procrastination ?

Because delaying our work is considered to be a bad habit. Sometimes making someone realized that they are procrastinating too much can lead him/her to state of mental confusion, stress and unnecessary anxiety.

Leave Procrastination Alone & Don't Think Too Much

People are giving advice on how to correct your habit of procrastination by using various Apps, sheets and kind of productivity hacks using various Gadgets etc. But all of them is adding stress to mental health and can make feel burn out.

Lets find out how to feel better, happier and free from all the negative thoughts about delaying the task.

  1. Prioritize the things. Make a list of activities complete them and conquer like winner to all of them one by one.
  2. Always think delayed task as the re-planned task this replaces the negative emotion of delaying task to the positive emotion of planning.
  3. Do not use Apps to tracks your habits or daily routine task this makes your your daily routine lifeless and seems like programmed one.
  4. Just don’t believe in everyone's view about work. There are always more tasks than we can do. Few things has to be planned for later time and that does not belongs to procrastination.
  5. Do not embedded unnecessary things in daily life as in the world of social media time flies like anything and adding more things to daily schedule just going to fuel our anxiety and stress.
  6. In the present trend of Side hustle it should be limited to side time only. Let it not burn you out.
  7. Do not search too much about “motivation” it will trigger a feedback loop of negative thoughts and effects your day to day tasks with the cost of mental peace.
  8. Enjoy life in your own way. You are already doing your best.

Even i procrastinate writing this essay for 3 days and still no anxiety. Haha


In professional life we have excel sheet to keep our finances and work organized, we have bosses who keeps on telling about timeline of projects, our phone keeps us updated about the world by notifications, every kind of App is available to tells you when to pay credit card bill, gas bill , electricity bill etc.

But do we have anything that reminds us of love , time we should spend with our family, when to laugh with our friends, when to cry, when to hug our loved ones, when to make someone feel special. Answer is “NO”. We need to do these things by ourselves.

These things are true to our inner feelings. We don’t have apps, gadgets and excel sheets to keep track of our emotions and feelings. , kind of unique to our own existence and what makes us feel alive as human who have heart and feelings.

We are paying the cost of not procrastinating the things that are not going to give us happiness at the end by the things that really matters to us..


There are lots of books on good habit building,they promised to motivate you about keeping good daily routines and even make you multitasking. But most of the time these will confuse you and they will take the intrinsic feel of daily routine. These books are written so well that they stick to your mind and destroy the natural and peaceful rhythm of day to day life.

Same is applied to YouTube videos. There are lots of YouTube videos, they promised to give you 5 productivity hacks at the same time leaves to the endless cycle of downloading new Apps, Stress you about making to-do-list as they do.

Thanks for reading this. Love to listen a feedback from you. Thanks ; )



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