At 30, Lessons I Want My 22 Years Old Self Should Take

I am going to turn 30 in few months. The feeling and sense sometime trigger thought, misses and hits of my twenties. It is always the turning point for life in transition phase from twenties to thirties.

What makes these points so important for life to think about them or to consider them as psychological bookmarks for turning to new chapter of our life. As we look back when we were 18 years or 22 years it feels like its been a lot of time since considering officially adult.

Just in 10 years from 20 to 30 the aged remaining till 60 years changed from 33% to 50%.

Why we feel twenties considered important is because our society has tied every single thing with our age :

  1. Perfect age in society to complete school or college. If you did not made up in one class it was considered of loosing like everything.
  2. Perfect age for getting a secure and stable job. This in India did not let youth to explore their true potential to take chances.
  3. Perfect age for marriages in India.

“We are taught to make our career , get married, buy a house and so on are to be done before 30.”

In India most of us completed our high school till 17/18 and graduation till 22nd candles crowed on our birthday cake.

Few things that i want my 22 years self:

  1. Start to learn about financials and investments as soon as possible even before completing high school. Its like somethings that is to be learn over time its like fruit that needs to be ripen over time.
  2. Work in the way that feels right to you. Have faith in whatever you are doing never stops learning or side projects even you attend much bigger success else where.
  3. Read more of non- fictions books and read even more of fiction books to expand the imagination. It is somethings that always separates idea generating folks to just intelligent one.
  4. Every single things you are doing is what going to contribute in your future. Effort will ever be wasted trust me.
  5. Discuss ideas and surround yourself with people full of ideas. Every single is greater than any fortune.
  6. Travel , Travel and Travel it changes you as much as reading a dozen books everyday.
  7. Present, Talk and Communicate your idea is the key and keeps you up and well apprehended in every single situation.

Lots of mistakes that we done in our twenties we don’t want to repeat in thirties and nobody want to repeat in case of thirties to twenties. Life goals should be decoupled from age to help children, struggling youngsters and startup founder so that both aspects should not effect each other essence.

Age should not be the criteria both in upper as well as lower thresholds.

Please share your thoughts on this topic and article or maybe share something worth learning.



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