100 Followers thing not making me excited. I need readers here to read my stories ..!!

I have read many “100 Followers” posts on medium and new writer posts for asking about 100 follower. I have seen that after posting in some of the posts comment section i started to getting followers. It works very well to help each other on this platform. All are keeping their promise for following back.

Photo by : Klim Sergeev from Unsplash

What is missing in such follow and follow back is that only few have read my story piece. This just missed the emotional connection.

It just feel that even more friends are getting connected but are all are here to write and share their stories. Improving writing habits and getting constructive criticism and feedback insights from all other readers and writers.

Its my request to all new “100 follower club” friends please read more of the stories of the person to support and encourage each other. Also leave your link for some of the best pieces you have written. May be share when someone will start to follow you then which story on your page one should start to read.

“Good readers are always good writers and other way round is also true.”

Here are link of my previous post. Please spare sometime to read.

Thanks all amazing writers and readers.!!

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